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The best fit in VTC Occupation Dictionary 
Project Goal

Occupation Dictionary is developed to help students and adults to look for information including entry requirements, skills and competencies, duties and work environment of major jobs in Hong Kong. It also aims at facilitating their education decisions and career planning.


    Award of Excellence 2019
Client  Vocational Training Council
When it goes to Tablets
When it goes to Smartphones
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How to Achieve

To assist people’s charting of career roadmap, we have provided various kinds of tools including displaying new jobs accompanied by relevant education and training opportunities. A search engine with the powerful automatic completion function is included in the homepage under the outstanding banners which aim at inspiring users’ thought. More than that, a career assessment is designed with plenty of graphics to make it more interesting and easier to understand. The website also allows job seekers to find out which type of occupation would be best fit for them by the Generic Competencies with the provision of job and future path suggestion.

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