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Project Goal

Nissin Foods would strengthen the corporate identity by revamping the website with a clearer, stylish and remarkable design layout. To show the customers they care about every single thought and make the customers feel valued, Nissin Foods would offer a more interactive user experience by enhancing the communication channel. The website would be approachable regardless of devices or location of use.

Client  Nissin Foods HK
When it goes to Tablets
When it goes to Smartphones
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How to Achieve

To abreast with the times and ensure the needs of every customer are being taken care of, we designed a responsive website which enhances the online browsing experience and improves usability and readability on different devices. Products are now presented methodically so to let users have further insight into the brand in a simpler and faster way.

Aware of the rising popularity of Demae Ramen (出前一丁) and Cup Noodles (合味道)  , we also have tailor-made two sections for these two main product lines. From TVC to Secret Files, fans of Nissin can discover all sorts of information and keep up with the latest news in simply one click.

Sample Website component 1 of 1
Sample Website component 1 of 1
Sample Website component 1 of 1
Sample Website component 1 of 1
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